Terms & Conditions

1. AGE REQUIREMENTS FOR RENTER AND DRIVER:The minimum age limit for credit card holders is 21 years of age and for non card holders 23.

2. DRIVING LICENCE: The driver should hold a valid license issued during the previous year minimum.

3. MINIMUM RENTAL DURATION: One day (24 hours).

4. INSURANCE: Rental rates include the following forms of coverage: a) death or bodily harm to third parties and passengers in the rented car except driver up to €500.000,00 per accident, b) material damage to third parties up to €100.000,00, c) the rented car against fire, d) damage to the rented car (the customer is liable for the purchase price of the vehicle at the time of accident less 20%), e) theft of the car (the customer is liable for 50% of the purchase price of the car at the time of theft).

5a. COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (CDW – INCLUDED IN PRICE): The renter's liability as per paragraph 4d/ will be reduced to €190,00 only if he accepts to pay an additional charge of €8,00 for each day of rental.

5b. The renter is obliged to make restitution in full for damage wich may be caused to the car's underside, wheels or tyres or if the damage was caused due to violations of the Greek Highway Code.

6. THEFT WAIVER (TW – INCLUDED IN PRICE): Theft waiver is an optional service which, if accepted, releases the renter from all financial liability as per paragraph 4e/ for loss or for damage to the vehicle from theft or as a result there of. Theft Waiver can be obtained for a daily charge of €5,50.

7. DRIVER PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE (P.A.I. – OPTIONAL NOT INCUDED): This is available for €4,00 per day and covers the driver for death, permanent total or partial disability by traffic accident for up to €17.608,22 and medical expenses for up to €1.760,82.

8. ACCIDENT ADMINISTRATION FEE: In case of an accident due to renters liability, renter has the obligation to pay a non refundable fee of €15,00 to cover administration expenses.


10. GASOLINE: Payable by the renter. Refuelling charge: €6,50.

11. ROOF RACK: Available upon request. Charge: €5,50 per day, with maximum charge of 10 days.

12. BABY SEAT: Available upon request for children up to 3 years old. Charge €3,00 per day, with maximum charge of 10 days.

13. NAVIGATING SYSTEM (GPS): available upon reservation, the charge: 5 euros per day, with maximum charge of 10 days.

14. TYPES OF CAR: The Company reserves the right to change the type of car with another type with the same cc.

15. DELIVERY OR COLLECTION: a) At all stations: free of charge, b) Away from our offices: €10,00 charge (within the city limits), c) Elsewhere: €0,35 per km for all groups (minimum charge €13,00), d) Charge for delivery or collection outside office hours (21:00 - 07:30): €20,00.


17. TAXES: 23% V.A.T.

18. HIGHWAY CODE VIOLATIONS: All fines and consequences of administrative sanctions shall be incurred by the renter.


20. FERRYING THE CAR: Only allowed with the company's written authorization

21. ROAD ASSISTANCE: Our office. (Tel: 693 682 7000)

22. TERMS AND RATES: Subject to change without prior notice. Rates in force on commencement of rental will apply as approved by the Greek National Tourist Organization (E.O.T.).